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Chevelle - Mars Simula

Chevelle is an American Rock Band made up of brothers Pete and Sam.

Mars Simla is their #3 song of their hit album Niratias , it took the #1 spot on the active rock radio chart in oct of 2021 . The song is heavily space inspired making the listener are on a journey to mars leaving everyone and thing behind. With its heavy smooth instrumentals and the alluring vocals this astonishing song sends you into to a sort of meditative trance . At 4:11 it feels like the song goes on forever as you are seized by the melodic grasp of the guitar and vocals . Members of this long time band as of writing are Front man: Pete Loeffler and Drummer: Sam Loeffler.

Pete says "The song is inspired by space x and the risk involved."

For being a two man band during the making of this song Chevelle has done an absolutely wonderful job at capturing the ears of many.

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