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So Soon, The Truth

So Soon , The Truth does their best to balance chaos and elegance as they move between technicality and raw emotions .

They are a Houston , TX post hard-core, experimental band .

Their album "Were You Ever Really There" offers a deep insight of inner turmoil and heart break . Each song from this album is connected by the intense struggle of intimacy, aggression and heartbreak . For example "A Betting Man" embodies tense and distorted vocals and technical instrumentals . It's honest and dark content .

They are clearly heavily influenced by bands such as Dance Gavin Dance

Band members of rhis awesome group are Guitarist and Lead vocals : JD Shwartz and Peter Huizarll

Drummer: John Del

With Great Vocals and powerful instrumentations this album is sure to captivate anyone who listens

My honest opinion this album feels personal for them as they wrote it during the pandemic . It was released on the 7th of February 2020

They are hoping to be able to play these songs live more often for their audience.

This amazing album consists of 10 songs .

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