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Plush - Hate

An all female rock band? Yes, please! A banger of a song that screams raw emotion? 1000000%! These ladies are killing it!

The debut single “Hate” entered the top 40 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart shortly after the release, and there's no wonder why. "Hate" creates this familiar, reminiscent feeling of bands like Heart, but with this fiery new sound all their own.

There isn't a single lyric in this song I don't feel. There is so much passion coming from each member that really gets you involved, lyrically and instrumentally. For each lady to be under 21, it amazes how extreme the sentiment of the song is expressed. Honestly and powerfully.

I am very excited to see so many women coming up in the rock scene again and very proud of Plush's mission "to bring the heart of rock back to the mainstream with a new fresh spin on the sounds you already love. PLUSH hopes to inspire young women everywhere to follow their dreams, regardless of whatever challenges may lie in the way." -Moriah Formica (vocals/guitar)

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