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MOODRING -- to create music with no ceiling.

Moodring has released a banger of a hit single off their new album "STARGAZER". SYNC.Wav entrances with its grungy 90's-esque Altmetal vibes paired with mesmerizing shoegaze vocals that feel straight out of a Deftones album. Band members of this newly rising group are: Frontman Hunter Young: Lead Vocals Sean Dolich: Guitar/Backing Vocals Kalan Blehm: Bass Lindy Harter : Drums. "Moodring is not easily defined; our sound can and will change, morph, evolve even across the course of a single song. Our identity is genre-fluid" says the band. "Lyrically, Moodring is purely teenage angst" - Hunter Young. " Sync.wav is about losing yourself completely, for better or worse . The title itself highlights that inherent ambiguity, with the opposing meaning streaming from the one word that is repeated throughout. Despite its overt sexual references, the Lyrics tackle two different things that all too often collide with each other, romance and addiction. Addicted to love, addicted to sex , addicted to the moment." quotes Hunter of the new single.

The lyrics are very sensual in a way that makes you get lost in them as they ensnare you. Accompanied by the smooth melodic sound of the instrumentals, you transcend into the amazing flow of otherworldly music. Moodring has done wonderful job of capturing the ears of their fans with this new single/album.

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